6.6 Smart Comments

Smart Comments provide mobile app users with a list of predefined comments to easily add to any photo or detail during an inspection on zInspector 3. This can be a […]

6.3a Custom Inspection Report Titles

Custom titles can be added to zInspector Property Management Inspection Reports.  Only a zInspector user with Admin privileges can create a custom report title.  Once created, however, the title is ...

6.1 Customizing Area Details

Admin users can customize Areas and Details beyond the standard zInspector defaults. Default Areas and Details To set default areas and area details for subsequently added properties, go to Settings [...

5.7 Comments / Smart Comments

Most of the context for your photos and report findings will be addressed by the Property, Activity, Area and Detail tags, as well as any associated Action items.  To provide […]

3.3 Common Area, Commercial, and Other Inspections

Inspections are often needed for more than single- and multi-unit residential properties. zInspector can be used to inspect a wide range of properties including: Single units Common areas of a [&helli...

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