The majority of the information associated with your photos and reports will be taken care of by the Property, Activity, Area and Detail tags, as well as the associated Tasks. These are however all preset values. By adding comments to pictures or inspections whenever possible, much more specific and detailed information is given about the photo taken.


Comments can range from a description of damage done to an object to the location of an item in a room, or any other detail that you may want to add. Providing specific contextual, practical and timely information in the comments will allow whoever is viewing the photo later to have access to this information.

Smart Comments

By using a list of predefined comments set by your group admin, Smart Comments enables you to search common phrases and insert these into comments with a simple tap. Search or scroll for your comment, insert multiple phrases and, if required, type in any extra information manually.

Smart Comments are very useful for repetitive phrases such as “Roof: Gutters need cleaning” or “Light: Fixture needs replacement”.

To change the list of smart comments for your mobile app, speak to your administrator.