Task Manager has a very powerful Comments / Email Communications Tool. From the Comments box, you can write Comments, Send Emails, Send Attached Documents and Photos, Receive Emails, and even Receive Documents by Email.

Import Features Include

  • Comments are automatically emailed to other group members if they are the Assigned or Managed Contacts
  • Manually add any number of email addresses
  • Check the Assigned box to email Assigned contacts¬†outside your organization
  • Easily pick from Owners or Tenants if they have been entered as zInspector contacts
  • Select Documents and Photos, check the “Include Selected Documents” box to email Photos and/or Documents


Example:  from the Comments window you can quickly do the following if you are a Property Manager

  • Notify the Owner of an Upcoming Inspection or Work to be Performed
    • Receive Owner Responses by Email
  • Notify the Tenant of Work to be Performed / Entry
    • Receive Responses From the Tenant
  • Send a Work Order to a Vendor
    • Receive Confirmation From the Vendor
    • Receive Invoices from the Vendor
  • Send Invoices, Job Photos, and Other Documents to the Client / Owner