9.10.2 zInspector Task Manager: Work Orders

Whenever you mark something as an Action (!) item during a condition-based inspection, zInspector automatically creates a task and includes the item in a work order. Here’s how it works: [&helli...

9.4 Task To-Do Lists

With Task To-Do Lists, you can solidify your property-related processes and develop essential checklists for your business. Create any number of custom task to-do lists and then select and apply [&hel...

9.2 Assigning, Managing, & Scheduling Tasks

The zInspector Task Manager lets you easily sort, search, and find tasks, communicate with others about them, and schedule appointments, while you track them to completion. An important aspect of [&he...

9.1 Task Manager / Scheduler Overview

The zInspector Task  Manager / Scheduler is flexible: you can use it simply to schedule your Inspections, but you can also employ it as a complete task management system for […]

9.9 Task Docs

Task Docs lets you group documents together for easy selection within the Task Manager / Scheduler. With Task Docs, you can combine Documents and Property Management Inspections into a single [&hellip...

5.9 Tasks

You can access active tasks, review pertinent task-related information, and even edit, document, create and complete tasks when in the field using the zInspector 3 mobile app. On the main […]

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