The zInspector task manager gives you the ability to easily sort, search, and find tasks as well as communicate with others and schedule appointments. An important aspect of that is setting the Managed Contact and the optional Assigned Contact for every Task.

When creating a Task, the managed contact is automatically assigned to the User creating the Task. The managed contact can be changed to any Group Member.

The Assigned Contact can be a Group Member or it can be outside your organization by selecting from the those on your Vendor Contacts page.


  • Any Comments typed in the Comments back are emailed by default to the Managed Contact or Assigned Contact (if within the organization) automatically.  Users can respond to emails received and responses will be integrated into the Task Comments Windows
  • More about Comments in the following article.

Calendar / Scheduling

A calendar appointment can automatically show up on your favorite calendar program after creating a Task.  Important calendar features and usages items include:

  • The calendar appointment will included the Assigned and Managed Contacts and an Edit link automatically opening up the Task for editing.
  • If just a Task Start Date and Time is used, the calendar appointment will be set to be a 1 hour appointment.
  • To change the appointment length,  set both Task Start and End Dates/Times.
  • If the Task Start and End Dates are on different days, a multi-day appointment will be created.
  • To disable a Task from showing up in the calendar, uncheck the Calendar box.
  • Start / Stop times on your calendar for multi-day appointments are configured under Admin Settings based on your time-zone. By default, multi-day appointments start at 8am and end at 5pm.
  • zInspector calendars are based on the ical standard which is readable by essentially all calendar programs.

Tips for Real-Time Scheduling

  • If your office is scheduling appointments real-time for employees in the field and making rapid changes. Your users should add the zInspector calendar by going to their zInspector mobile app, tap Settings, tap Calendar.
  • iPhone users can simply tap the calendar link and the calendar will be automatically added to their phones.
  • Android users should install a separate calendar sync program to control the frequency of calendar updates not provided by Android by default.
  • Google Calendar:  The zInspector calendar can certainly be added to Google Calendar. However, Google chooses the calendar update frequency which can often be as slow as 6-24 hours.  Therefore, if you are a Google Calendar user and you want your zInspector calendar to show up on your Google Calendar, please add your zInspector calendar to Google and then separately add it to your mobile device.